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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Britt genealogy--Wm S. Wier

"Buddy" Wier and "Sissy" Britt--He was a son of Swansea Wier, who was the youngest son of Thomas Wier and Mary Withrow. "Sissy" Britt's line is traced on Page 4 in this Sketch Book.

"Buddy Wier went agadding after Appomattox while "Sissy" Britt was growing to marrying age. By trade he was a Printer, and became a noted writer under the by-line "Sarge Plunkett."

A study of pictures tells you that Sissy was an ante-bellum "Aristocrat" and Buddy was a "Hillbillie," to whom neckties (and other conventionalities) were an abomination. This Mother of mine, Sissy Britt, told me, from her own folk-ken, the stories Uncle Remus told, before Joe Harris put them in print--she had heard them from her own Black Mammy. So, these two are presented to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren as somebodies to be cherished.-- Wm S. Wier.

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