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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paul Meek Library

First Families of Weakley County membership applications and documents of verification 
First Families of Weakley County (Weakley County, Tenn.)

Special Collections 1st Floor, MS 102

Weakley Co., Tennessee : enumeration of male inhabitants of twenty-one years of age and upward, cities 
[Paris, Tenn. : Henry County Tennessee Archives, 2006?] 

West Tenn Heritage Study Center TENN, F443.W5 W225 2006

Weakley County Genealogical Society surname index
Hutchens, Martha J
Martin, Tenn: The Society, 1981
West Tenn Heritage Study Center TENN, F443.W5 H87 1981

Weakley County Genealogical Society
Weakley County, Tennessee: history & families, 1823-1998
Paducah, KY: Turner, 1999
West Tenn Heritage Study Center TENN F443.W5 W43 1999
Special Collections, 1st floor

West Tennessee/West Kentucky ancestry charts / compiled & edited by Linda S. Dunlap
WTHSC F396 .W7 2008 2 volumes

Weakley remembered : (Weakley County, Tennessee) / compiled by Pansy Nanney Baker, Charlotte Stout ReynoldsF443.W5 B34X  v.1

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